Your pain is my pleasure…

Dominatrix Mia has the rare ability to instinctively grasp both your needs & desires to successfully translate them into reality, giving you an unforgettable experience.

“I enjoy bondage, caning & foot fetish. However my true pleasure as a Dominatrix comes from making your fantasy become reality.” – Dominatrix Mia

DominatrixMia_ (102)

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Photographer: Misbehaviour

2 responses to “INTRO

  1. Hendrik ⋅

    This is a nice site can not wait to visit you

  2. david ⋅

    I visited Mistress Mia almost 7 weeks ago.
    I booked a 2 hour session as I didn’t want to rush things. Foolishly :) I asked for (amongst many other things) for a short caning in each of the 2 hours. Well Mistresss didn’t disapoint. In between being fucked with Her strap on and being Queened, I was caned unmercifully. the pain was horrific, excruciating, wonderful, erotic and satisfying. I had to concentrate on not whincing each time I sat down for 3 days.
    The only downside is the cane marks which although faded are still evident now, 7 weeks later.

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